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Year 5 Gallery

Horrible History
Mini Mission
After spending time researching crime and punishment throughout history, we pulled together our findings to write a new Horrible History chapter in the style of Horrible Histories. CAUTION - Please read at your own risk!
This week's assembly winners...
Today, we celebrated black history month by discussing how far society has come and how much our attitudes can make a positive difference to our country! We captured our discussions by thinking about our contributions to not being racist and by making our promise to be anti-racist!
Out of This World
Mini Mission
Moon Explanation Texts
We helped the minions complete the challenges set by Gru and produced explanation texts about the Moon in order to win back the planets he had stolen!
Out of this World
Mini Mission
We created different models of the solar system using a range of mechanical devices to show how the planets orbit the Sun and how the Moon orbits the Earth.
Out of This World
Mini Mission
Oracy Skills
We read our explanation texts to the class using the oracy skills we have practised this term. These include using facial expressions, making eye contact, speaking clearly and fluently, varying the tone of our voice for effect and standing with good posture.
Mini Mission
Using the book Tuesday, by David Weisner, as our stimulus, we learned about journalistic writing and produced our own news reports of the unusual events that took place one Tuesday night...
Mini Mission
Inspired by the illustrations in David Wesiner's book, we learned drawing skills using a range of pencils and painting skills using watercolours to create different effects. We combined these skills to produce a watercolour wash background with pencil detail foreground. We hope you enjoy our illustrations for the book Tuesday.
Democracy In Action!
Today, we considered how we would improve our school. We worked in groups to form a party and discussed issues such as changing homework, uniforms, reading in school and class rewards! We created a name and logo for our party and prepared reasons to back up our manifesto. After confidently presenting our case to the class, we all took part in a private ballot to vote for the winner!