Admissions for Reception Places Closes January 15th 2023

Who's Who - Staff

Mrs B Nicholls

Head of School

Ms E Keeping

Reception Teacher

Mr M Hulcoop-Searle

Year 1 Teacher

Mrs J Hannon

Year 2 Teacher

Miss M Blanshard

Year 3 Teacher

Mrs K Moody

Year 4 Teacher

Mrs K Markus

Year 5 Teacher

Mrs A Ioja

Year 6 Teacher

Mrs Hannah Morgan

Family Support Worker (FSW)

Mrs C Baker

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Best

Teaching Assistant

Miss K Dorsett

Teaching Assistant

Miss C Kane

Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Lonie

Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Norris

HLTA and Mealtime Assistant

Mrs K Symons

Teaching Assistant and Mealtime Assistant

Mrs S Trevaskus

Teaching Assistant

Miss S Mackenzie

Office Manager

Ms K Medlicott


Miss M Netherton

Mealtime Assistant

Mrs C Stewart

Mealtime Assistant

Miss H Trevaskus

Mealtime Assistant

Mr P Holdsworth