Reporting an Absence

Parents are encouraged to report an absence by calling 01752 567668 and leaving a message on the answer machine before 9.00am if possible.  We operate a first-day calling procedure and will contact parents if we have not received a message by 10am.


Medical appointments

If your child attends any medical appointments such as the doctor or dentist during normal school hours, a copy of the appointment card or letter should be sent in via email to the school office (admin@srps.plymouth.sch.uk) or brought in person to the office.

We hope you will support us by ensuring that your son/daughter obtains the maximum benefit from their time at school by attending punctually for the 190 days each year that the law requires, unless prevented from doing so by unavoidable circumstances.  If you have any questions regarding attendance, please contact our Education Welfare Officer, Kerry McCoy on 01752 307041.

Everything you need to know about Stuart Road Primary Academy School Attendance 2022/23:

Pupils need to attend school regularly, in order to benefit from, and the get the most out of their education. Setting a good example of attendance at an early age, will help your child later in life.

To celebrate good attendance, Stuart Road Primary award weekly attendance certificate and a gold cup to the class with the highest percentage of the week. We propose to introduce an long termly 100% attendance raffle prize for individual pupils per class, who attend school every day in Spring, Summer and Autumn terms.

With immediate effect, we will introduce a tiered approach to addressing school absence using the table below, starting with yellow letters of concern being sent home indicating days missed from the start of the school year.

The second table below table shows the impact of absence and the learning hours lost when a child doesn't come to school.

These letters will progress from yellow to orange, then red should absence continue to increase. As top table shows, this has a huge impact on learning hours lost which impact on pupil's academic outcomes.

Whilst we always appreciate and are sympathetic towards pupil's illness, we would encourage that your child comes into school even if they feel better later that day.

For further information, please visit our website and read our 'Everything you need to know about attendance' document, and remember we are here to help and support however we can ensure every pupil comes to school every day.