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Assessment in the EYFS

Assessment in Reception is an ongoing process. We make informal assessments of the children on a daily basis which helps to adapt our teaching and provision as and when is necessary. We use Tapestry which is an online assessment platform that informs practitioners and parents and carers about what children are interested in and what they are able to do.
We complete summative assessments in the autumn, spring and summer which are shared with parents and carers. These summative assessments are a snapshot in time and will identify what children are able to do at the time of assessment and what their next steps are. 
We collect data as part of our ongoing assessment process which is used to identify gaps in learning and provision and supports future planning and teaching.
Formal assessment takes the form of a baseline assessment during the first few weeks of the school year. This helps us to know the starting points of all the children which then informs how we begin to teach the seven areas of learning.