Year 6

Home Learning (School closure)

Hi Year 6 class!


While you are at home, I have put together some resources to keep you entertained and keep your brain challenged. Most importantly, though, keep yourself safe and enjoy the time that you spend with your parents.  Bake biscuits, paint pictures, play board games and watch movies. Do a science experiment together or find virtual trips of a zoo. Create a fitness circuit in your garden. Start a book and read together as a family. Snuggle under warm blankets. It’s important that you maintain good physical and mental health. I can't wait to hear all about what you've been up to! Don`t forget you can still contact me on eschools.  I would love to hear from you! 


I hope that the next few weeks pass by really quickly and I look forward to seeing you back in school.  I miss you already!

Stay safe!

Mrs Ioja


General resources 
Below are some links to various educational websites that you can try at home. 
Keep  Fit Resources 
I look forward to seeing your videos/ photos of how you keep fit at home. 
Check out the PHYSICAL AND MENTAL WELL-BEING page for more fun and active PE ideas!
What's on your reading list?
Below, I've added some resources which include famous authors reading their books to you, ideas for reading with your family (including pets) and some free books to download. 
Create a reading journal  to remember all the books you'll enjoy over the coming weeks. Write it, draw it, doodle it, continue it - there are no rules, just however you want to record your likes, dislikes, feelings, own experiences, connections, characters, settings, confusions, inspirations... 
Creating Writing Tasks 
Have a look at the suggested ideas. Choose one or come up with your own idea for writing. I would love to hear your stories, poems  or thoughts! 
Maths Home Learning Week by Week 
Week 1: 6-10  April  2020 
Below is a link to a series of lessons to recap where we left off last week at school. Each lesson has a powerpoint, activities and answers.
Lesson 1 - Using ratio language 
Lesson 2 - Ratio and fractions 
Lesson 3 - Introducing the ratio symbol 
Lesson 4 - Calculating ratio
Lesson 5 - Using scale factors 
Marvellous Maths 
Explore the following websites and keep practising your Maths skills. 
English Home Learning Week by Week 
Week 1: 6th of April - 10th of April  
Here are a series of daily writing opportunities. Each lesson contains a Story Starter, some questions to help you engage with the photo and story, some sentence challenges, an opportunity to treat sick sentences and finally a drawing task to illustrate your learning.
Spelling Ideas! 
We'd only just got going on our brilliant mini mission  Th Iron Age Man, so don't stop! I have included some resources for you to use a home. I look forward to seeing what you have been up to. 


"Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much." —Blaise Pascal 


 Welcome to Year 6


Our teaching team is:

 Teacher: Mrs Ioja 

PPA cover: Mrs Norris (Friday afternoon)

PE: Wednesday afternoon


Welcome back to the final  year at Stuart Road Primary School. We have a busy, fun couple of months ahead of us!

The children are refreshed and all raring to go. We hope you enjoy yourself, work hard and make the most of your last year in primary school.










Just a few reminders:

  • PE is on a Wednesday  afternoon - kits should be in school every day
  • I am out of class on  Fridays (for planning, preparation and assessment)  and Mrs Norris covers the class each week
  • Your child should have a named water bottle (with a sports cap) in class every day - the classrooms get hot and stuffy!
  • Your child should be reading as often as possible - after completing reading a book, your child should write a short review or summary of the book after which the book can be changed. 
Learning Focus 
Our main learning focus for the Spring  term is Writing and we will be seeking opportunities to practice and develop our writing skills wherever possible, not only in English lessons, but across the curriculum and beyond. You can help at home by asking your child to help with shopping lists or encouraging them to write letters and notes to other people or why not write a story, a comic book, a poem and share it with our class.Our writing focus for the term is the correct use of punctuation, writing clearly constructed sentences and paragraphs based around given themes. We will have a strong focus on writing for the next two terms, as this is a hugely important skill that the children need to practice regularly in order to apply it effectively across their curriculum.

In Maths we will be focusing on aspects such as Fractions, Decimals and Percentages  and how to use these in our problem solving and reasoning tasks. 


We are continuing to have a focus on presentation and handwriting, and all the children in the class are striving to improve with this.




The spelling patterns we learn are based on the spelling appendix for Upper Key Stage 2 and it is expected that children will have a confident grasp of these patterns by the end of Year 6. We are currently focussing on:


  • Use further prefixes and suffixes and understand the guidance for adding them (such as –able and –ible)
  • Spell some words with ‘silent’ letters (such as knight)
  • Continue to distinguish between homophones and other words which are often confused
  • Use knowledge of morphology and etymology in spelling
  • Use dictionaries to check the spelling and meaning of words
  • Use a thesaurus


Your child's targets this term are the following:

  • Answering inferential questions when reading (i.e asking children what they think of characters and their actions rather than asking to recall events in a book)
  •  Writing grammatically accurate sentences and  editing them 
  • Practising Y6 spelling patterns 
  • Practising multiplication and division facts for all the  times tables


We are strongly continuing our focus on mindsets, and continue to actively promote the earning of tokens for fantastic learning behaviour. We are also spending lots of time discussing targets with the children and sharing our learning intentions so that the children have a context for their work.

We are more than happy to discuss any queries or concerns so either catch a member of staff in the playground (but please be aware mornings are very hectic) or ring the school office to make an appointment.

I am always welcoming of sharing anything that you do at home so please bring it into school and show us what you have been up to.
Please find on this class page spelling resources and links to support the learning of spelling patterns at home. There will be further resources added throughout the year, and it is also important the children have opportunities to practise applying these spellings in writing, so as much writing as they are able to do will be extremely beneficial to them being able to remember tricky spelling patterns.
Please find below documents relating to this term, these will help you to further support your children at home and give you an overview of what we are covering within our class.
I look forward to getting to know all of you throughout the year.
Mrs Ioja



You can also find more about the topic and home learning on eSchools by clicking the link below and logging in: