Year 4

Home Learning (School Closure)


Hi Year 4 Class!

While you’re at home for the time being, we’ve put together some suggested and optional learning for you to do to keep your brains working out and staying fit! It’s important that you maintain good physical and mental health too, so we’ll be adding plenty of resources and information below. 

Most importantly, though, keep yourself safe and enjoy the time that you spend with your family.  Bake biscuits, paint pictures, play board games and watch movies. Do a science experiment together or find virtual trips to a museum or a zoo. Create a fitness circuit in your bedroom or garden. Start a book and read it together as a family. Snuggle up under warm blankets or on top of a blanket under the sun-filled sky. We can't wait to hear all about what you've been up to! Don`t forget you can still contact us on e-schools.  We would love to hear from you! 

Stay safe.



Week Beginning 30th March - Easter Holidays!
This week is the first week of your holidays, so instead of setting lots of work, we're going to set you some seasonal challenges to complete over the next couple of weeks. It would be great to see what you are doing, so please send evidence (photos, videos, powerpoint, documents) to e-schools if you can or We've also added some links to activities a variety of famous people are doing every day - so if you fancy having a go at dancing like Darcy Bussel or cooking Easter dinner for your family like Jamie Oliver, now's your chance!
Easter Holiday Challenges
  • Make Easter cakes and share them with your family
  • Wear your pyjamas all day
  • Make a den out of duvets and blankets
  • Have a board game night and stay up late
  • Write a letter to someone in hospital who can't have visitors for a while
  • Make a bug hotel for the creepy crawlies around your home
  • Read 3 different books from 3 different genre
  • Skip for 1 minute without stopping
  • Build a model of a famous building anywhere in the world
  • Create a collage representing spring
  • Paint a daffodil and stick it in your window for everyone to see
  • Learn a new song (either singing or playing an instrument)
Fun with the Stars
General Resources
Below are some links to various educational websites that you can try at home.
Keep Fit
Below are some links to ideas for keeping fit. Have a go at P.E.with Joe Wicks.
Try to exercise at least 3 times a week.
Check out the PHYSICAL AND MENTAL WELL-BEING page for more fun and active PE ideas!


Try reading every day for half an hour! Use the time to catch up on all the books, comics & magazines you've always wanted to read.  What's on your reading list?

Below, we've added some resources which include famous authors reading their books to you, ideas for reading with your family (including pets) and some free books to download. 

Create a reading journal to remember all the books you'll enjoy over the coming weeks. Write it, draw it, doodle it, continue it - there are no rules, just however you want to record your likes, dislikes, feelings, own experiences, connections, characters, settings, confusions, inspirations... 

Literacy Trust Family Zone

Free Stories from Audible

Oxford Owl - Free eBooks and ideas

Story Shed - Children's storytelling podcast

BBC Storytime

David Walliams free audio stories

Elevenses with The World of David Walliams

Stay at home story time with Oliver Jeffers

Story Time from Space

Story Weaver

Big List of Children's Authors Doing Online Read-Alouds & Activities

Storyline Online

Reading List for Year 4 

Week 1: 23-27 March 2020
Here are a series of daily writing opportunities. Each lesson contains a Story Starter, some questions to help you engage with the photo and story, some sentence challenges, an opportunity to treat sick sentences and finally a drawing task to illustrate your learning.
Do as much maths fluency practise as you can. This is extremely important to keep your mathematical agility as good as it can be.
Week 1: 23-27 March 2020 Introduction to Tenths
Here are a series of lessons introducing tenths. Each lesson contains a powerpoint, some activities and the answers.
Lesson 1 - Recognise tenths and hundredths
Lesson 2 - Tenths as decimals
Lesson 3 - Tenths on a place value grid
Lesson 4 - Tenths on a number line
Lesson 5 - Diving 1 digit by 10
Revise your spellings. Below is the full list of rules and common exception words. 
Ancient Greece
Try making an Ancient Greece lapbook to display all your research and findings about this amazing civilisation. Create your own virtual tour of Ancient Greece using Minecraft, or the setting from your own myth inspired by Hercules and the Twelve Labours that you were learning about in school. Take a look at some examples of virtual tours of the Ancient Mayan civilisation on the Year 5 page to give you some ideas.
Here are some pictures of Corey carrying out a science experiment to grow crystals. He now needs to wait 7 days to see what happens. Watch this space...


Welcome to the Year 4 page of the school website

 Teacher: Mrs Hill
Monday - Mrs Norris
Dates for your diary...
Thursday 19th September - Individual photos
Friday 20th September - INSET Day: school closed

Happy New (Academic) Year!

Welcome to the Autumn Term, 2019! The children are refreshed and all raring to go. Year 4, we hope you enjoy yourself, work hard and make the most of your time in year 4. 

 We have a busy, fun couple of terms ahead of us! Our overriding theme this term is 'Once Upon a Time' which will involve a wide variety of learning activities, indoors and outdoors.

Just a few reminders:

  • PE is on a Thursday morning - kits should be in school every day
  • I am out of class on alternate Tuesday mornings  (for planning, preparation and assessment)  and Mrs Norris will cover the class. 
  • Your child should have a named water bottle (with a sports cap) in class every day - the classrooms get hot and stuffy!
  • Your child should be reading outside of school as often as possible - after completing reading a book, your child can write a short review or summary of the book.
  • We change reading books three times a  week. 
Curriculum Hints
Our main learning focus for the Autumn term continues to be writing and we will be seeking opportunities to practice and develop our writing skills wherever possible, not only in English lessons, but across the curriculum and beyond. You can help at home by asking your child to help with shopping lists or encouraging them to write letters and notes to other people or why not write a story, a comic book, a poem and share it with our class.
Our writing focus for the term is the correct use of punctuation for dialogue;  writing clearly constructed sentences using the conjunctions when, before, after, while, so because, although; cohesive paragraphs based on given themes and the inclusion of expanded noun phrases. We will have a strong focus on writing for the rest of the academic year, as this is a hugely important skill that the children need to practice regularly in order to apply it effectively across the curriculum.

In Maths,  we are looking at number and place value including Roman numerals, addition / subtraction and multiplication / division strategies and  how to use these in our problem solving and reasoning tasks. The small steps we are following are: Roman numerals to 100, Rounding to the nearest 10, Rounding to the nearest 100, Count in 1,000s Partitioning,  Number line to 10,000, 1,000 more or less, Compare numbers, Order numbers, Round to the nearest 1,000,  Negative numbers


Learning Behaviours

We are strongly continuing our focus on mindsets, and to actively promote the earning of tokens for fantastic learning behaviour. 

Our learning values are:

Resilient, Determined, Resourceful, Reflective, Responsible and Reasoning


Pupils and parents can find further information about Year 4, including photos of activities, links to helpful websites and resources and details of homework, by logging in to eSchools (via the green button at the top of the page).