Year 1

Welcome to Year One!


Teachers: Mr Hulcoop-Searle

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Best

HTLA: Mrs Baker


PE is on Tuesday afternoon.



Year 1 - Home Learning (School Closure)


Dear Year 1 Children,

Unfortunately, we cannot be in school learning together at the moment but don’t worry, as I have provided you with some suggested resources to help you not only keep your brains working but also stay fit. You have been provided with home learning packs, but I will also be providing extra exciting learning opportunities on here for you and your family to enjoy.

Make sure you all stay safe and also take lots of opportunities to relax and play!

Hope to see you all soon.


Mr Hulcoop-Searle




During their time at home, I would like the children to make regular time for reading. This is not just reading to someone but also having someone read to them. Share your favourite stoires together, discuss them or predict what might happen. Furthermore, encourage the children to sound out the words/syllables as well as making the story more interactive. Don’t restrict the children to familiar books, allow them to experience a wide range of books. Finally, talk about the books, asked your child open questions that begin with ‘how’ and ‘why’. If you can, try to get your child to go back to the text and pictures to tell you how they know the answer. Talking about what is happening in a picture, what the characters might be thinking, or what might happen next all help to develop early reading skills.


Within their writing, children in year 1 are looking to develop their sentences by including capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. Furthermore, the children are challenged to include adjectives (describing words) and conjunctions (joining words such as ‘and’) to further develop their writing. 

However, don’t feel restricted to just using the resources provided. The children could write stories, keep a diary, make something and write instructions or write a postcard telling me what they have been up to.

Read Write Inc.


The link below provides the children with daily Read Write Inc sessions and has many other useful videos.

The daily sessions are at the following times:

9.30am and 12.30pm – Set 1 sounds

10.00am and 13.00pm – Set 2 sounds

10.30am and 13.30pm – Set 3 sounds


Jack Hartmann provides lots of fun musical videos for the children to develop many different areas of their maths. It includes numbers bonds, showing numbers in different ways and naming shapes.


Numbots is a fantastic resource which the children are familiar with to help with addition and subtraction.

General Resources
Check out the links below!

Keeping Fit Activities

Check out the PHYSICAL AND MENTAL WELL-BEING page for more fun and active PE ideas!

Mr Hulcoop-Searle is teaching the class on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Mrs. Baker is teaching the class on Mondays.

We hope you have a fantastic year of learning with us- please check back regularly to see what we have been doing in class. Resources to extend our learning at home will also be available to download and access from this page.
Our topic focus this term is all about Once upon a time. The children have come back to school to find a letter from Jack. He has provided us with some 'magic beans' and asked us to keep an eye out for the giant.
Writing continues to be a focus and the children are continuously practicing their letter formation and spelling. To support with this at home please encourage your child to read regularly and promote any writing opportunities.
The phonics screening check will soon be upon us- we will be sending packs home for parents to inform you of what this involves.
If you have any resources or information sources that you can contribute to our topic work we are always grateful for the support!




Our main English focus this term will centre on reading for meaning and decoding words. Practising reading with your child is vital to ensure that they are regularly rehearsing these skills; the children have new Pupil Planners in which you can record reading outcomes. 

Children will be heard reading each week either within guided reading sessions, Read Write Inc sessions, or individually with an adult. Thank you for continuing to ensure that Pupil Planners are in school daily so that the relevant staff are able to record each time your child has read with them.

We change their reading books on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Our writing focus is on being able to construct a clear sentence, using capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.  

We are also continuing to devlop the skills needed for pre cursive handwriting. 


In order to further support with phonics and sound pronunciation at home, please feel free to use the following video to practise sounds at home. We use this regularly in class to ensure pure sound pronunciation and regular reviewing of the sounds we have been learning.


Helpful Websites and Apps:

There are a number of games and apps that can be used to support with learning at home. They help the children to learn through fun and educational activities and are good for consolidating their learning at home. Please find lists below:


During our ICT sessions, we will be learning about a variety of different aspects of computing, including E-safety, however it is important that children familiarise themselves with the computer keyboard and the upper and lowercase letters. There are many things that can support this, and in school we will be using a game that is particularly effective for helping the children become confident with the layout of the keyboard. The game can be found at the site below: