The Concentric Curriculum

At Stuart Road Primary Academy we have adopted the Concentric Curriculum. This curriculum offers a structured, comprehensive and progressive sequence of objectives to ensure all pupils have the chance to learn and over learn key skills in an engaging way.The Concentric Curriculum enables depth of understanding in a number of ways: the model is robustly designed in a sequential way, ensuring that objectives are revisited and built on not only within a term or year, but also over a key stage; purposeful inter- and intra- curricular links are exploited to best effect to encourage “connected” learning; and children are provided with a context for all learning which raises engagement and enjoyment.

 Leaders, teachers and other stakeholders are provided with absolute clarity around what is to be taught and at what level. Objectives in both foundation and core subjects are standardised, allowing teachers to measure progress in all subjects. 

The Concentric Curriculum also allows children to acquire the knowledge and skills needed for the next stage in their education. This means ensuring children are confident in reading, writing and maths, which supports them in fully accessing the broad curriculum and enrichment opportunities available. They are challenged not only to develop their understanding, but to master and articulate it. As a result, our pupils are successful, self-motivated, independent learners who love to learn and talk about their learning journeys. By threading through lots of opportunities for experiential learning including visits, visitors and practical lessons we are also developing children's life-long skills; developing their understanding of the wider world and their place within it.