We have firmly embraced the use of Carol Dweck's 'mindsets' approach at Stuart Road.  Children are encouraged to be the best learners they can be regardless of starting points and perceived intelligence.  Learning is 'rewarded' through the allocation of tokens which each child collects through the term. Tokens can be earned for a range of learning behaviours; being resilient, resourceful, reflective, reasoning, responsible, brave and determined.  When staff recognise these behaviours, children collect a coloured token and log it onto a record sheet kept in the classroom.  These record sheets show which learning behaviours the children exhibit and staff can encourage children to try and earn tokens from different categories.  At the end of the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms the counters are totalled and all children receive a bronze, silver or gold merit award.  Home learning is also rewarded with tokens.  For more information about 'mindsets' take a look at the flyer we sent home to parents (link below) or search the internet using the terms 'mindsets' or 'Carol Dweck'.  You can also talk to Mrs Ioja or Mrs Blake.


Information about mindsets is inside your child's pupil planner and you can read a copy below:

We are also lucky in that the local news have been interested to hear about our progress.  You can read a copy of the article that was published here: