Home Learning

We have really worked hard to develop home learning at Stuart Road Primary School.  Having previously set English and maths homework each week, we came to realise that many pupils and parents did not enjoy the work set and many parents felt that they were not equipped to support the methods of the new curriculum.  Only approximately 50% of homework was returned each week and there was no evidence to suggest that this homework was impacting on standards; it certainly wasn't meeting the needs of the families of the children attending the school!
For the past year we have completely redesigned our approach to home learning.  The children have now been given termly 'home learning menus' which offer a range of activities that are designed to celebrate the 'whole' child, and allow their families to become absorbed into the topics their children are learning about.  Many of the activities are non-paper based, but are instead creative and interactive e.g. watching films together, visiting local landmarks, tweeting famous people etc.  The aim of this style of home learning is to enrich our children's education in ways that are not possible here at school while also informing parents about the topics their children are studying.
A short cut to each class' menu can be found on this page (below).
We have asked that the children's home learning books are filled with not only evidence of completing the home learning task, but also photos, pictures, postcards etc. of any activities parents/carers and children do.  Home learning can be evidenced through photos, videos, pictures, writing and with every task completed children earn our mindsets learning tokens for the willingness to extending their learning.  Staff are committed to checking the home learning books when they are handed in (they can be passed in throughout the term or at the end of each term) and logging the amount of points earned. We will always endeavour to check and annotate tasks completed but there are not activities to 'mark' as such.  
There is no sanction for not returning home learning tasks each term; you can choose to do as much or as little as fits in with YOUR family life, so find what works for you and enjoy home learning at SRPS!!