Higher Attainers

Higher Attainers
Here at Stuart Road, we decided to replace the term 'Gifted and Talented' with the term 'Higher Attainers'. This is because we firmly believe that ALL children can be 'higher attainers'; it is not a 'gift' and not a predetermined 'talent' but the result of hard work, resilience and repeated practise. We promote this daily through our 'Mindsets' approach and all staff relate attainment to good learning rather than 'cleverness'.
The higher attaining children in our classes are defined by the level of challenge they accept/have success with. In English and maths a range of challenges (differentiated activities) are offered and children can choose which challenge to undertake. This means that ALL children have the opportunity to access higher levels of challenge and they can pick and choose these challenges depending on the topics being covered. This approach allows equal opportunities for all pupils and staff are able to monitor the challenges being undertaken and quickly identify and support those children who choose the work designed for higher attainers.
Beyond this we also use extra curricular sessions to celebrate our HA children. This may take the form of sessions at Plymouth University or the STEM centre. Later this year we are looking to launch our school newspaper which will be produced by HA children across the school.
We have a detailed school policy to ensure the needs of our HA learners are being met and staff regularly undertake training sessions to ensure they are meeting the needs of this group of learners. A copy of this can be found below.
For further information about higher attainers, or to nominate a child as a higher attainer in a non-educational pursuit (e.g. swimming, martial arts etc.) please speak to Mrs Blake or your child's teacher.