Home Learning (School Closure)
Hi Foundation Class!
While you are at home for the time being, I have put together some learning for you to do at home. I have added lots of fun things for you to do at home with your families. 
I hope that you are all staying safe and remembering to wash your hands! I miss you all and can't wait to see you!
Mrs Haddy 
I understand that this a worrying time for you and your family. Below is a story that you can use to help you to support your child in understanding the Coronavirus. I hope you find it helpful.
Personal, Social & Emotional Development
It is important that you support your child in managing their feelings around the Coronavirus. They are likely to be feeling a little anxious about what is happening. Make sure that you try and FaceTime your close family friends so that you and your child remain feeling connected to the outside world. 
Communication & Language
Keep talking to your child. Talk about everyday things and let them help with jobs - giving your child instructions is a really good way of developing their understanding. Play around with words - how many different words can you think of that mean 'big', 'small', 'clever', 'hot' etc. Let them talk to you about what they are playing.
Physical Development
It is really important that you and your child stay active as much as possible. Try and get out in your garden if you have one. If you haven't, you are still able to go for a walk - just make sure you keep a safe 2 metre distance from other people. You could even try making an obstacle course inside!
Check out the PHYSICAL AND MENTAL WELL-BEING page for more fun and active PE ideas!
Continue to keep reading and sharing with books with your children. There are lots of stories on YouTube that you and your child can listen to. When you are sharing books, make sure you talk about what they have heard and the pictures that they see. Maybe they can make their own books too!
There are lots of everyday things that you can do that will support your child with their maths. Count the stairs as you go up and down, singing number songs, play board games using dice. Baking and cooking is also a brilliant activity to support mathematical development. Ask your child to phone family and friends so that they practice number recognition.
The World
It is still important for your child to know what is happening in the world even if they can't go outside. Talk to them about spring and look out of the windows to see what signs of spring they an see. Maybe your child could do a scavenger hunt around the house! Ask your children to make cards and write notes to family and friends - post them or put through their letter box. If you have a pet, talk to your child about how they can help look after them.
Creative Development
It is a really good time to get creative! Let your children paint and draw at home. They can make their own playdough - there are lots of different recipes at home. Let children build and construct and make up stories for their models. Instead of recycling your boxes and bottles, get your child to make models with them instead.