Curriculum Intent.
At Stuart Road we make use of the Concentric Curriculum as the backbone of our curriculum delivery.

The Concentric Curriculum is a clear, comprehensive and cohesive approach to delivering the Primary National Curriculum. Under the concentric approach, knowledge, skills and understanding are widened and deepened over the primary experience; the central learning focus stays remains the same, but the radius widens. 

The Concentric Curriculum enables depth of understanding in a number of ways: the model is robustly designed in a sequential way, ensuring that objectives are revisited and built on not only within a term or year, but also over a key stage; purposeful inter- and intra- curricular links are exploited to best effect to encourage “connected” learning; and children are provided with a context for all learning which raises engagement and enjoyment.

 Leaders, teachers and other stakeholders are provided with absolute clarity around what is to be taught and at what level. Objectives in both foundation and core subjects are standardised, allowing teachers to measure progress in all subjects.