Welcome to Foundation Class!
Foundation Staff
Class Teacher (CT): Mr. Chan
Teaching Assistant (TA) : Miss Kane
Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA): Mrs. Baker
Children's Mental Health Week 2021
Below are a variety of links to different activities which support Children's Mental Health Week 2021.
Try them out, take some photos and send them back! More importantly, have fun with it! Stay safe and take care please everyone!
COVID-19 School Closure
I am really sorry that things are not back to normal. Miss Kane and I miss you all and hope you had a great Christmas. Now that we are in lockdown again, please be aware that all of our learning has moved online and can be accessed through your Microsoft (MS) Teams accounts. If you have difficulty accessing this, please get in touch with the school office and our kind staff will help with this.
There is an expectation that you all continue with your learning at home as you would do in school. Here is a list of things you are expected to do each weekday:
(1) Practise writing your name.
(2) Read Write Inc phonics session- there will be a different letter sound each day; it is important that this is done daily.
(3) Listen to the story for this term: The Three Little Pigs.
(4) Take part in an activity linked with the Three Little Pigs. 
(5) Get some exercise! - visit the PHYSICAL & MENTAL WELL-BEING page for ideas!
(6) A Number Activity.
(7) Listen to a 'Drop Everything And Read' story.
Finally there is a creative activity which can be done through the week.
It should be good fun. Don't forget to take photos of what you are doing and post them back via your MS Teams account- these photos will then be printed in used in your Learning Journey books to show how well you have continued with your learning.
If there are any problems with the tasks- feel free to leave a message in the CHAT facility in MS Teams. Alternatively, if there are anything you would like to discuss leave a message and Miss Kane or Mr. Chan will phone for a chat as soon as is humanely possible. Please bear in mind that Mr. Chan and Miss Kane will be working in school as well during the school day with children  of key workers.
Please stay safe and we hope to get in touch really soon.
Enjoy the tasks and have fun with your learning!
Mr. Chan & Miss Kane
Welcome to Foundation Class!
The children have coped really well with the changes in the second lockdown of this year by being dropped off at the school gate- well done everyone!
If there are any issues please feel free to mention it when your child is dropped off or collected from school. During these times of having to practise social distancing more in-depth conversations cannot be dealt with face to face. Instead, Mr. Chan will contact you by phone outside of school hours. Alternatively, for non-urgent queries you can send an email to, and Mr. Chan will reply as soon as possible.
The children are continuing to learn about Autumn and the story of The Gingerbread Man. This will eventually lead into Christmas! A big part of the Early Years Curriculum is development of speech and language, and our communication and interactions are integral to the children's learning and development. The expectation is that the children learn through their play and that this continues at home. Talk to your child about their day at school and look out for the learning they bring home. There will be some HOME LEARNING information to follow, which are suggestions for what you can do with your child at home to support their learning and development- feel free to take photos and send them into us. These photos can be used in your child's Learning Journey book which is kept in school as a record of how your child has developed their learning. 
Each child should now have a Microsoft Teams account. In the event where your child has to self isolate or if school is closed as a result of further lockdown measures the expectation is for you to access online learning with your child through Microsoft Teams.
Polite Reminders:
1. Please ensure that items of clothing are clearly labelled- they all look the same and there are times when the ink fades!
2. NO water bottles are required in school- milk and water is freely available to your child whilst in school. Fruit juices/ squash/ soft drinks are to be consumed at home please.
3. Please send your child into school with a Book Bag- this is useful in sending letters to and from school as well as containing reading books to be shared with you at home. These book bags can be purchased from THE SCHOOLWEAR SHOP in Mayflower Street.
4. If you do not accompany your child into the Early Years Unit in the morning, please be sure to send in a note daily telling us what you would like to order for lunch.
5. Check on the ParentPay app for payment of snack for the term. If you are unsure of how to set this up please phone the school office on (01752) 567668.
6. PE Day is on Wednesday. Please send your child into school already dressed in PE clothing, at this time we are unable to offer much assistance in getting the children changed. The expectation for PE clothes are a plain white t-shirt, black track suit bottoms/ leggings and a school jumper/ cardigan. Trainers can be worn.
Home/ Remote Learning Ideas.
In the event of having to self isolate or support home learning- the expectation is to do the following daily and it is best to make this fun through play.
(1) Practise writing your child's name using the pre-cursive font. We would have sent home a sample name card featuring your child's name for reference.
(2) Follow the Read Write Inc links featured on this page. Your child should practise a letter sound per day.
(3) A counting activity/ counting game. Children are expected to recognise numerals 1-10 by the time they leave Foundation. Can your child recognise these numbers around the house or on street signs etc.? Play physical games involving counting.
(4) Watch an episode of Numberblocks- available on BBC iPlayer.
(5) Share a story with your child. There are links to the topic story for each term on this page too. Alternatively, there is CBeebies Bedtime Stories available on BBC iPlayer.
Merry Christmas to all the children and their families.
We would also like to thank you all for your continuing support.
Wishing you all every happiness and good health for the year ahead.
Mr. Chan & Miss Kane.