Admissions Arrangements for 2020/2021

Admission authorities must set ('determine') admission arrangements every year.  Where changes are proposed to admission arrangments, the admission authority must first publicly consult on those arrangements.  If no changes are made to admission arrangements, they must be consulted on at least every seven years.

Consultation must be for a minimum of eight weeks and must take place between 1st November and 1st March of the year before those arrangements are to apply.  For example: for arrangements that apply to applications in 2014 (entry in September 2015), consultation must be completed by 1st March 2014. This consultation period allows parents, other schools, religious authorities and the local community to raise any concerns about proposed admission arrangements.


Consultation on admission arrangements 2021/2022

We will be consulting on our admission arrangements for 2021/2022 through Plymouth City Council. The consultation will be live between 9 December 2019 and 19 January 2020.

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